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You may be wondering whether or not you actually need to a hire a Wedding Planner, especially if your venue does not require it. I'm here to tell you that not hiring a Wedding Planner is one of couple's biggest regrets. Without a Wedding Planner you will spend months and countless hours planning your own Wedding, and then when the big day finally does arrive you will find yourself unable to enjoy it because you will be the one responsible for organizing and executing an elaborate event that is such a huge emotional and financial investment for both you and your fiancé. That's a lot of pressure for a Bride, especially for one that has most likely never planned a Wedding before.


AS YOUR WEDDING PLANNER I AM AN EXPERT AND A PROFESSIONAL WHEN IT COMES TO WEDDINGS. Let's be honest, a Wedding is a big investment both financially and emotionally. Would you enter into a big investment without doing your research and consulting an expert in the field? Most likely not. As your Wedding Planner I not only have all of the answers to your questions, I also have excellent relationships with local vendors that I can recommend to you based on your wedding vision and specific preferences saving you both time on research and typically money as well.

AS YOUR WEDDING PLANNER I WILL HELP YOU SAVE MONEY. As a Wedding Planner with many years of experience, I can not only help you plan your perfect day saving you hours of research, but I can also help you save money as well. Being an expert in my field allows me to know the ins and outs of what is and is not worth it when it comes to planning a Wedding, and I can help you cut costs without cutting corners. As your Wedding Planner I offer assistance with budget creation and tracking helping you stay within your bottom line. 

AS YOUR WEDDING PLANNER I HAVE EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR MY CLIENTS WITH VENDORS. There are so many different vendors that come together as a team to take your Wedding dreams and make them a reality. As your Wedding Planner, you not only have access to my Exclusive Preferred Vendor List, but you have access to discounts as well. Kelsi Elizabeth Events has partnerships with companies that offer discounts on rentals, linens and chargers, stationery and paper goods, tuxedo and suit rentals, even live streaming your own Wedding! We are constantly building new partnerships and expanding our Client benefits to offer even more discounts and savings.

AS YOUR WEDDING PLANNER I WILL HELP YOU STAY ORGANIZED AND ON TIME. There are literally hundreds of details that go into planning a Wedding. As your Wedding Planner, my job is not only to help you plan your Wedding but to execute and manage the logistics of it as well. I will create a customized timeline for your Wedding day that keeps the Wedding, Wedding Party and Vendor Team on track throughout the day. Additionally, I help ensure that you do not waste valuable time on the day of the Wedding because you did not have a timeline or someone managing your timeline and vendor team. Most venues only allow you access for a set period of time, therefore making it even more necessary to have a Wedding Planner to keep everything on track throughout the day in order to create the best overall experience without wasting time or money. If you run behind schedule significantly due to lack of planning or having a timeline, then you may end up spending even more money on the day of the Wedding trying to catch up by adding on extra hours of the Reception not only with the venue but with your vendors as well.

AS YOUR WEDDING PLANNER YOU WILL HAVE EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO AN ONLINE PLANNING SITE THAT WILL STREAMLINE THE PLANNING PROCESS. As a Client of Kelsi Elizabeth Events you will have access to a custom online website created exclusively for your event that streamlines the planning process and offers one central location for you to plan and store all of your planning documents. Your custom Wedding website is an online resource for us both to access throughout the planning process, and will include access to all of the following: 

- A Custom Wedding Checklist outlining when you should complete specific tasks throughout the planning process to help you stay on track. This checklist will also helps us manage which tasks are your responsibility and mine leading up to the big day.

- A Calendar for you to add any Wedding specific appointments that you have made, as well as when specific payments are due. This site will also send reminders as to when specific payments are due in advance. 

- A Custom Timeline for easy access and updating leading up to the big day.

- A Design Studio that allows you to create style guides and select or upload your color palette, Wedding ideas and inspiration. 

- Guest List Creation and Tracking. 

- Custom Floor Plan Creation and Seating Plan Arrangement.

- A Contact List which allows you to upload every Venue and Vendor contract and invoice, as well as input their specific payment schedule.


- A Notes Section for you to create a Custom Packing List of everything that you need for the big day. 



So what are you waiting for?! Inquire today and let's start planning your perfect day! 

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