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2022 Wedding Trends

Hi Everyone!

Last week Kelsi Elizabeth Events landed in Las Vegas for Wedding MBA, the largest professional wedding vendor conference in the world! It was three days of intensive learning and networking with some of the best wedding professionals in the industry. After such a great experience in Sin City, I wanted to take the time to share some key take-ways from this conference which includes the latest 2022 Wedding Trends from the wedding industry's top event planners and designers. Below I have shared the top overall wedding trends and themes that we will see as we get ready to enter the 2022 wedding season!

Themed Multi-Day Events

Following our days of our COVID induced isolation, many couples are itching to elevate the wedding experience and planning themed multi-day events so that they can extend the time they have to spend with their favorite people. Rather than limiting their experience to just one day, more and more couples are elevating the wedding experience by planning wedding weekends that incorporate themed multi-day events. For example, a carnival themed welcome party for their guests on Friday evening, followed by an elegant wedding ceremony and reception on Saturday, and then an over-the-top Sunday brunch for their guests before their departure. More and more couples are also incorporating fun activities into their wedding weekends, such as a beach BBQ or a private trolley tour to highlight the cities main attractions. The intention behind this latest trend is that a wedding weekend allows a couple to spend more time with their guests over a period of time, rather than feeling overwhelmed by having to interact with everyone for only a short period of time on the wedding day. As a result a multi-day wedding weekend creates both an intimate and immersive experience for the couple as well as their guests!

At Home Weddings & Personal Details From Home

Many couples have realized as a result of quarentine that "home is where the heart is", and as a result there has been an increase in at home weddings. Having a wedding in the comfort of your own home allows you to write your own rules and not be dependent on a venue which may have imposed restrictions and mandates to follow. Another trend arising is an increase in couple's incorporating personal details from their home such as a meaningful furniture pieces like settees and accent chairs, throw pillows and blankets, framed photos and more. There is no limit to what you can include, but incorporating meaningful details from your own home into your wedding brings a personal touch to the overall design and makes you feel at home while you celebrate your big day.

Intimate Weddings & Elevated Guest Experiences

More and more couples are realizing that an increase in their guest count equals an increase in their budget. The guest count and budget go hand and hand, and they directly influence one another. The more people you have, the less you have to spend per person. Therefore, more couples are prioritizing more intimate guest counts in order to create a more elevated experience for their guests. The guest experience has been elevated to include luxury furnishings and design details, interactive displays and photo backdrops, over-the-top welcome boxes and personalized details, multi-level and live entertainment, layered tablescapes and menus, and so much more!

Installations & Floral + Linen Combinations

As our world continues to revolve around social media, more and more couples are prioritizing art and floral installations into their wedding design to create over-the-top photo backdrops for their guests (and their followers) to enjoy. These photo backdrops can include a simple statement wall at the venue, that is emphasized by a unique floral or balloon art installation. It is not necessary to bring in an entire flower wall (although you definitely can!), there are plenty of ways to make a statement photo backdrop while working with what your venue has to offer.

In recent years, statement tables such as wood farm tables, mirrored tables and more, have has a major emphasis in wedding design, but in 2022 we will see a major comeback in table linens when it comes to table design. Table linens are an excellent way to add texture to a design, which creates visual interest. Pairing your table linens with complimentary floral centerpieces, chargers, flatware and elegant glasses will allow you to elevate your guest experience while playing on the senses.

Multi-Level Entertainment & Video Technology

You may be wondering what multi-level entertainment really means? 2022 is all about layering, even when it comes to your entertainment, which looks like a string trio or quartet during the ceremony, electric violinist and piano during the cocktail hour, live pianist and singer during the dinner, and a Band and DJ during the Reception. You don't have to include all of the above, but you get the gist. Multi-level entertainment means not just having a DJ during both your ceremony and your reception, it means leveling up and having multiple performers to entertain your guests and increase the energy in the room.

As Instagram has officially announced that it is now a video sharing platform, there will continue to be an overall emphasis on video technology when it comes to weddings. This means that live streaming will remain relevant even after covid is long gone, and we will see an increase in videography as a priority during the planning process.

Bold Fashion Statements & Over-The-Top Engagement Shoots

In recent years there has been an increase in bold wedding fashion thanks to designers like Berta and Monique Lhuillier who have continued to challenge brides to be more daring when it comes to their dress designs. We will see an increase in colored and floral motif wedding dresses, as well as an increase in sexy silhouettes and plunging necklines when it comes to wedding dress designs. Thanks to Bridgerton, we will also see a comeback in puffy sleeves and dramatic feathers as well.

What about engagement shoots? Expect an increase in adventure and over-the-top engagement shoots. With most couples left day dreaming about travel and over-the-top experiences during quarantine, we will see an increase in elevated engagement shoots as well. Ready to climb a mountain anyone?

I hope that you all enjoyed this brief rundown of what to expect for 2022 Wedding Trends! I will be sharing more detailed trends to watch in another post soon so feel free to continue to follow along for the latest and greatest in the wedding world!

Happy Planning,

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