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Favorite Friday: Rob Futrell Photography

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Hey There! It's our FAVORITE day of the week, FRIYAY! For most of you not in the event industry today marks the end of your work week, however for those of us in the industry today is only the beginning. A beautiful thing about being in the wedding business is getting to know other vendors who you work with and creating beautiful friendships within the industry. Rob, and his wife Jill, Futrell are without a doubt an example of this! They are not only excellent photographers, they are amazing people, and it makes working with them a pleasure each and every time! Today I will be featuring Rob Futrell Photography, and the couple behind the camera of their epic photographs.

About Rob Futrell Photography

Behind the photographs carefully captured and edited by Rob Futrell Photography, you will find Rob and Jill Futrell, a couple whose talents and interests compliment each other perfectly. It's as if they are two pieces of a puzzle, and they just fit. Rob comes from a background in computers and programming, and he is crazy smart. I mean he could build you a computer and carefully crafted keyboard kind of smart. He is also very funny, and every couple that we have worked together with has commented on how funny he is. Humor has a way of making a nervous Bride and Groom be more present and take more genuine photos. Rob's wife Jill is equally as smart but in her own way, and she has a calm presence about her that you need on your Wedding day when you are in front of the camera. She is always the one pulling the strings in the background and making sure that every detail is taken care of when it comes to the photography. Together these two make magic with their photographs, both in how they capture them and how they edit them as well!

You won't find much about them on their website or social pages because they are two people who genuinely prefer to be behind the scenes and make other people happy. They are the type of people that make you feel like it's all about you, not about them at all, and that's exactly what you need when you are getting married.

When they are not working you will find Rob and Jill at their beautiful home "Casa Futrell" enjoying their children and all of their wonderful animals, which includes two incredibly social ducks Luck and Elliot who live in the pond behind their home and come when they are called. It's pretty amazing! They will even let you feed them! Anyways, Rob and Jill have a wonderful studio on their property that can accommodate couples for initial consultations. You should definitely check them out!

Photography Style: Rob describes his photography as journalistic, and his passion is capturing telling couple's love stories through his images. His images in my opinion are often epic, and avant-garde. He will go to great lengths to get a good photo! I once had him arrive to the Reception post Ceremony photos in a change of clothes because it got in the ocean to get a great shot of the couple on the rocks. He will go to great lengths to get a good shot, and I think we can all appreciate that!

(I mean look at this photo from Rob Futrell's site...#epic)

Disclaimer: As I mentioned before, every photographer has their own unique style which is what makes them great! But not every style of photography is for everyone, so as I mentioned in my last Favorite Friday post, be sure that you take the time to understand your own style when it comes to photography and what you are most drawn to so that you find a photographer whose vision aligns with your own.

PRO TIP: Want great photos? Try to relax and "go with the flow". The camera will capture whatever is on your mind, so if you are stressed then your expression will reflect that. When you are interviewing photographers find someone who not only shares the same style as you but also someone that you feel comfortable with and taking photos in front of. You have to "vibe" with your photographer for you to create magic together, so find someone that you "vibe" with.


Why We Love Them:

  • Rob Futrell's photographs are unique and timeless, he has a style that is distinct and you will not be disappointed when you look back on your photographs ten+ years from now.

  • Rob, and his wife Jill, will make it easy for you to relax and feel comfortable behind the camera, even if you aren't a "picture person". Rob's sense of humor will help put the Groom, and the Bride, at ease.

  • Rob will go to great lengths to get a good shot as I mentioned earlier, and he also spends hours with advanced technology editing each and every photo. He actually takes the time to edit every single photo, and his goal is to enhance not alter reality.

Please refer to the link below to view Rob's website and inquire with him directly! I hope that you all enjoyed today's #featurefriday! More to come next week, and have a fabulous weekend friends!

Happy Planning,

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