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Wedding Wednesday: Finding Design Inspiration

Hi Everyone, and happy hump day!

I have been taking a lot of design classes lately that have left me feeling oh so inspired so today I wanted to share some of my inspiration with you! When planning your Wedding one of the first steps that you should consider after selecting a venue is your overall Wedding design. In order to cultivate a unique design you need to consider your couple style and color preferences, as well as the level of formality of your event. All of this will help dictate your overall design.

Elevated designs have the power to evoke emotion and tell a story. In order to achieve that you have to set the tone by creating ambience, and the best way to achieve that is by touching on all five of the senses. You begin to set the tone of your event when you select the invitations, which are your guests first impression as to what they expect so ensure that every element including the invitations is cohesive to your overall aesthetic and the atmosphere that you are attempting to create. Consider what your ideal event as a couple not only looks like, but feels and tastes like as well. What sort of music inspires you or makes you want to move your body?

Tell a story throughout your event by carefully curating details with intention. What does that mean you may ask? Every element of the design should be personal to the two of you, so in order to determine the details you should ask yourself several questions. Where did you meet? Where was your first date? What time of the year do you love the most? Where was your first vacation together? What are your favorite colors? What are your favorite things to do as a couple? What are your favorite cuisines? What are your guilty pleasures? Ask yourselves question to gain inspiration on what details you would like to incorporate into your big day.

Don't be afraid of color! Color is a fabulous creation, it has the power to change a persons mood. Ask yourselves what your happy colors are? Coming up stumped? Look to your closet for inspiration and determine which color(s) you wear the most of. The fashion that you look and feel good in is a reflection of you, and should be incorporated into your design.

After taking all of this into consideration and your design theme and style, create a mood board to help you define your vision of all of the things that inspire you and tell your story. For example, did your first date include a walk on the beach? I know mine did! Look to the colors of the ocean for inspiration. Do you and your fiancé love to cook together? Include an interesting and edible element into your tablescape such as Himalayan salt, a charcuterie board, olive oil and rosemary, there are so many possibilities!

Below I have shared a few Wedding Mood Boards that I have created from different elements that have recently inspired me! I hope these are helpful and inspire you to create something great too! If designing isn't your forte, then I would be happy to help! Kelsi Elizabeth Events offers Planning & Design Packages, as well as Wedding Styling Services if you do not need assistance with coordination and Day-Of Event Management. We also offer calligraphy services too! Inquire today for a free consultation and more information! I would love the opportunity to work with you and help you define and realize your vision for your event, and create a curated and unforgettable experience for you and your guests! ENJOY!

BONUS! Here are a few of my Favorite Books for Design Inspiration that you will find on my shelf!

Happy Planning,

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